Our clients are

Our clients are all extraordinary. They seek and achieve impact at a global level.

INDUSTRY LEADERS our clients are already the industry-leader or on their way to being so. They are an authority in what they do.

DISRUPTIVE  challenging industry norms and solving important global problems, often with technology. They have an impact.

TALENT-FOCUSED they want to hire the best. High-value is placed on hiring extraordinary people. They also know that if they’re hiring extraordinary people, they need to provide a culture where talent can grow, learn, develop and realise its full potential.

CLEVER they like to think about the best ways to do things and use intellectual and strategic horsepower to do so. Things are executed quickly but in a smart way. You’ll have the chance to try things out and learn from like-minded people.

HIGH-GROWTH most importantly, our clients are growing, usually rapidly. This provides the perfect environment in which to work boldly and responsibly, to take ownership and to progress at the rate that suits you. There will always be space to grow into.

Who we
work with

Our clients range from start-ups with healthy seed capital to members of the Forbes 500 list across a variety of sectors. They’re looking for exceptional candidates to fill roles from graduate to C-suite level across sales and account management, marketing, business analysis and consulting, operations, product and data science.


Candidate Quality You only want the best people to work in your company. Our focus is on acquiring extraordinary candidates for you. All of our candidates are overachievers looking for the best companies in the world to work for.

Candidate relationship The relationship we build with our candidates is human. We believe that the way to create the best relationship between a client and a candidate is to understand what our candidates are looking for, so that we can match them with a company that reflects their interests and ambitions. Our candidate relationships have often been built over several years, so we can be confident that the people we send you will have the best chance of long-term success in your company.

Market Knowledge We understand the high-growth space. In particular we work in technology fields such as FinTech, HealthTech, MarTech, and FoodTech, as well as with high-growth service companies. We know what your competition is offering the talent you’re looking for and we use this information to find solutions and candidates that work for you.

Personal Service We want to get to know you. Our relationships with clients normally last several years and see exceptional growth. To understand exactly what you want, we need to understand your mission, values, and company culture, and we will go beyond the ordinary recruitment package in order to do so. We are always here to support you through any process and achieve the best outcome.

International Community Our community is based around major cities in the UK and North America, with increasing European opportunities as we grow there. We can reach beyond the national to bring you a global perspective and find you the best candidates in the world.

Broad Solution Because we’re people-led rather than sector or role-driven, we offer high-growth clients a broad service. We can help you to make key hires across all major functions. Our focus on the individual means we can deliver you candidates with experience and qualities that match your needs, no matter what they might be.